The difference between Illinois Mink Wire and other
companies is we use everything we sell. We know if it
is not successful for us, it most likely won’t be
successful in your operation either. Your other
suppliers can’t make this same claim!

We have been the innovators in new machinery for
mink farms. We spend a lot of time researching to
determine what will improve the Gengel Mink Farm
operation. We try a variety of new ideas and if they
succeed or if they can cut overhead expenses then we
pass the information on to the mink industry. The
companies we work with are large and stand behind
their products with warranties and will always help you
if you have a problem.
Our Mission:
“I have found no greater satisfaction
than achieving success through
honest dealing and strict adherence
to the view that, for you to gain,
those you deal with should also gain
as well.”
Alan Greenspan
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