Illinois Mink Wire Company
Our Products:
After an impressive 40 years on the market, the Minkomatic feeding machines are
well-known in the fur-farming industry and in use worldwide. The Minkomatic series is
characterised by quality, safety and continuous development. The wide range of
models guarantees that there is a machine for every size farm. Check them out!
All Agromatic models come with four-wheel drive and are equipped with socket
connections for external hydraulics, which in turn adds usability. An excellent
utility vehicle with an attachment for every use. Click on to take a look.
These are the machines every fur farmer needs in one form or another. Each is of the
quality and durability you would expect when it comes from the land of fur farming,
Denmark. Ordering these requires planning because new machines are made in
limited quantities and it takes time to ship them over by boat. So late winter and
early spring are the times for orders to be taken and goods planned to be shipped.
The most innovative and effective pinning and drying system available. Makes drying
a quick efficient process resulting in a soft pelt with optimal appearance. A system
worth taking at look at if you want the latest and greatest drying approach.
High corrosion resistance wire in all sizes for your farming needs. Check with us for
the latest prices, you'll be glad you did.