Illinois Mink Wire Company
Norcar Minkomatic 660:
The Minkomatic 660 DLA is an efficient machine for heavy use on large farms. It is powered by a 20 hp
Kubota diesel engine and is available with feed tanks up to 2200 pounds.

It is designed to give visibility ahead and on both sides and features a modern, ergonomic driver’s seat
that is adjustable both lengthwise and sideways. It is easy to get on and off the machine from either
side. The driving pedal is also adjustable, making it possible to drive with either the left or right foot.
Feeding is from the steering wheel with foot pedal feeding optional.

Thanks to its short wheelbase the Minkomatic 660 DLA is easy to use and has a turning radius of only
98.5 inches. All service points are located in the same place, under the feed tank, which makes for
easy maintenance.
Engine             Kubota Diesel 20 HP
Gear Box                    Hydrostatic
Feed Pump                450 Hydraulic
Width                 30.7 – 33.5 inches
Length                        103.2 inches
Height                55.9 – 60.7 inches
Weight         1,455 – 1,590 pounds
Capacity        1,590 - 2,205 pounds
Fuel Tank                       5.5 gallons
Wheelbase                      50 inches
Lowest Point                     6 inches
Turning Radius             98.5 inches
Power Steering
Right/Left Seat Adjustment
Right or Left Foot Drive
Feed Flow Regulation
Feed Flow from Steering Wheel