Illinois Mink Wire Company
Norcar Minkomatic 810:
Engine               Kubota Diesel 28 HP
Gear Box                         Hydrostatic
Feed Pump                  810 Hydraulic
Width                              35.1 inches
Length                          141.8 inches
Height                             59.5 inches
Weight                        2,360 pounds
Capacity                      2,865 pounds
Fuel Tank                         4.5 gallons
Wheelbase                             inches
Lowest Point                       6 inches
Turning Radius             110.3 inches
Power Steering
Right/Left Seat Adjustment
Right or Left Foot Drive
Feed Flow Regulation
Feed Flow from Steering Wheel
The Minkomatic 810 DLA is the largest model in the Norcar feeding machine line. It is ideal for the large
farm where the sheds are widely spread and transport distances are long. It is powered by a 28 hp
diesel engine and equipped with fully hydraulic four-wheel drive and articulated steering. Despite its
size, maneuverability is excellent thanks to the articulated steering and the driving position located at
the front.

The Minkomatic 810 is available with feed tanks up to 2,900 pounds. Thanks to the bogie wagon, the
ground pressure remains low minimizing surface wear.